Efficiency and innovation delivered through dedication

Law of Diminishing Returns Adding more of one factor of production (growth or service and changes related to ACA), while holding all others constant (business processes, workforce, hours in a day), will yield lower per-unit returns (income).

High premiums and health reform have created a tumultuous market. With change comes opportunity. Opportunity favors efficient brokers who can conquer the requirements of change. We are a broker’s competitive advantage—the solution to the law of diminishing returns. We free up brokers’ internal resources to focus on growth and service by taking over the back-end administrative tasks of quoting, illustrating, managing underwriting, and installation.

A broker in the office is losing to a broker in the field.

We are the biggest general agent in the Texas Gulf Coast region, maintain the most tenured and knowledgeable forward-thinking staff, and deliver dynamic tools and resources—a one-stop-shop you can depend on while you focus on growing your business.

We have built a service culture from a combination of personal responsiveness, local and national knowledge, continual technology development, and strong relationships.