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UHC Updates All Savers Alternate Funding Portfolio 10/1/2015

UHC updated their All Savers Alternate Funding plan portfolio effective 10/1/2015. The new plans are available for quoting now.

  • Eliminated their “Class” plan strategy. These plans featured flexible benefit designs whereby employees could tailor their copays, pharmacy benefit, deductibles, etc.
  • Retained 22 of their existing plans.
  • Added the Motion wellness credits to all plans including the older plans. As a result, they eliminated their Motion-specific plans.
  • Added 22 new traditional plans. The plans fill gaps in their portfolio. 11 unique designs offered on EPO and PPO (22 total). Seven copay designs and four HSA-compatible designs.
  • All copay plans will cover basic diagnostics (lab/xray) performed at the doctor’s office at 100% with no cost share. Prior to 10/1, the benefit was deductible/coinsurance.

All Savers Alternate Funding programs are self-funded and available to employers with 10 or more enrolled employees. The programs are engineered to feel like a fully insured program with four-tier monthly rates. The plans are not subject to community rating rules or ACA’s small group plan restrictions. The rates are medically underwritten using member health status. Employers are responsible for paying PCORI and Reinsurance fees and reporting information to the IRS about members covered by the plan. Although, All Savers hopes to facilitate the filings or perform them on behalf of its clients. All plans use the Choice Plus network.

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