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All Savers Offering 15 Month Rate Guarantees Nov 2019 – Jan 2020

All Savers will offer a 15 month rate guarantee to groups effective or renewing Nov 2019 through Jan 2020.

  • Renewing Groups – Available to most groups but not all. Restricted by qualification criteria. All Savers will tell us which groups qualify each month. We will alert you in our renewal email.
  • New Business – Available to all groups with 5-100 lives. No restrictions.

By electing the 15 month rate guarantee, groups are able to move their future anniversary dates away from the busiest time of the year and take advantage of three additional months without a rate increase.

To elect the 15 month rate guarantee, eligible groups must complete and return the 15 Month Confirmation Form.

All Savers will not apply a rate load/adjustment for the 15 month election. The 15 month rate guarantee is a 3 month contract followed by a 12 month contract. The rates will not adjust at the end of the 3 month contract. A summary of the timelines:

Effective Date Start of 12 Month Contract Renewal Date
11/1/2019 2/1/2020 2/1/2021
12/1/2019 3/1/2020 3/1/2021
1/1/2020 4/1/2020 4/1/2021

For new business groups effective Nov 2019 – Jan 2020, All Savers intends to offer those groups an option to choose an additional 15 month rate guarantee at their 2020 renewal.

For groups that have ancillary products through All Savers, the contracts for those lines will adjust to the same timeline and the rates will be guaranteed for the three additional months. Groups that have ancillary products through UHC on a separate bill will need to request an exception to change the future anniversary date on those lines.

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